Operating for more than 34 years, Centro de Convençoes Rebouças (Rebouças Convention Center) specializes in leasing spaces for events. It has 17 environments with air-conditioning that can accommodate up to 2,300 participants.

You can easily reach Centro de Convençoes Rebouças through the following avenues: Avenida Paulista, Avenida Rebouças and Avenida Doutor Arnaldo – next to Clinicas Metro Station.

- Our Mission
Hold scientific, cultural, social, commercial and institutional events, including congresses, conferences, symposiums, exhibitions and courses, while providing services to meet clients’ needs and ensure their satisfaction.

- Our Vision
Be a reference in the market, while increasing our facilities so as to maintain our client portfolio and serve new segments.

- Background
Associated with Hospital das Clinicas of University of Sao Paulo Medical School, Centro de Convençoes Rebouças started its operations on May 11th, 1982, when it held its first event – a formal sitting and cocktail reception in honor of the retirement of one of the greatest exponents of national and international medicine – Professor Euryclides de Jesus Zerbini.
Between 1982 and 1985, Centro de Convençoes Rebouças held various social events, including films, exhibitions, openings and music courses.

Various events took place in the first years of Centro de Convençoes Rebouças. One of the highlights was when it housed the press conference of the Republic Presidency for 26 days, while President Tancredo Neves was sick at INCOR (Heart Institute) – 1,400 national and international journalists took turns to transmit medical reports and provide information on the health status of the President on a daily basis, which would change the history of the country with his death.

In addition to leasing spaces for events, another facility was created for clients in 1985 called Organizaçao de Eventos Rebouças (Rebouças Event Organization), which operated for 12 years.    

In 1998, Centro de Convençoes Rebouças began a new phase exclusively focused on leasing spaces for events. At the beginning of 1999, its facilities were totally upgraded and restructured to meet market needs, while making better use of spaces and ensuring more pleasant and friendly environments. Among all the investments made, Centro de Convençoes Rebouças also purchased software to manage the convention centre using its respective modules – checklist, finance and commercial – enabling better management to lease spaces and speeding up and improving internal procedures.







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